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Self-paced testing/surveys

ARS Self-paced testing/surveys can be conducted with the Reply IQ System using ARS wInquiry software’s standalone module. The standalone module takes advantage of Reply IQ’s IQK-MEM feature connector (FC), which allows participants to utilize a special self-paced keypad polling mode that the IQ keypads are capable of performing when they detect that the IQK-MEM feature connector is present.

In this mode, the keypad’s upper-most left and right buttons (see A & B) can be used to navigate through a set of questions (1-170) that have been downloaded to the feature connector memory. The standalone entry mode will always be multi-digit; therefore, some care must be taken to avoid entering “11” where “1” was intended.

While the keypads are in this mode, communication with the IQ base station is not strictly necessary. The keypad could be taken out-of-range of the base, for test/survey data collection purposes, and then brought back within range when data is available for download to the computer using the Standalone module, an add-on to the ARS wInquiry software. Using the “Send” key on the keypad is also not strictly necessary. When the “Send” key is used, the operator will receive the one response and may view the question data through the operation panel that is constantly monitoring the keypad while in this mode. When the “Send” key is not used, the data becomes available when the operator chooses to download data from one or all keypads.

The two basic Standalone scenarios are as follows:

  1. Give a keypad to each participant and let them go about inputting data at their own pace based on the question text on the IQ keypad display and/or a written test/survey. The group's responses would then be collected at the end of some period of time (all at once). The data gathering session is then complete and we return to wInquiry to view, display, and print the results.
  2. Send out a group of data gathers' each with one or more keypads and wait for each of them to return before collecting the data from one keypad at a time. The keypad’s data may then be “erased” and sent back out to gather more of the same question data while other keypads are still in use collecting data. This is a "public survey" application.

Using our wInquiry’s already advanced reporting features, data can be viewed, displayed, printed and exported in a variety of ways.

Self-paced testing is perfect for trade show surveys, market research, and field testing.

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