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wInquiryT 3.0 Add On Modules

Below is a list of resale wInquiry™ 3.0 Add On Modules. ARS also has a variety of other game show modules available on a full service basis that are not listed here. Some of these include ARS Winner, ARS Squares, ARS Concentration, ARS Feud, and many more. Please call 1-800-INVOLVE today to find out how ARS can custom build a wInquiry add-on module specifically designed for your purposes.

ARS Challenge
Modeled after a classic TV game show that uses a game board with categories and quiz questions with increasing polling value.

Decision Builder
ARS Decision Builder lets you build, present and evaluate lists of important issues using sophisticated yet easy-to-use prioritization techniques.

With Decision Builder, you can create and present three kinds of critical information in an interactive process that is both efficient and highly engaging for your decision-making audience:

  • Decision Lists of up to 20 goals, issues, choices or other items that you want group members to place in priority order. These items can be developed ahead of time, or created 'on-the-fly' in a brainstorming session with your participants.
  • Criteria by which list items are to be evaluated, such as "Importance", "Satisfaction" or "Feasibility".
  • Demographics of the participants, which can optionally be used to 'filter out' and display responses for various audience sub-groups as an aide to interpreting your results.

Decision Builder provides two unique methods for combining and presenting the lists and criteria you create: Paired Weighting and Ordinal Rating

The results of both these processes can be displayed and combined in several graphic formats, including: Ranked List, Comparative Bar Graph, Bar Graph (Vertical or Horizontal), Opportunity Map

ARS Standalone Module
The standalone module takes advantage of Reply IQ’s IQK-MEM feature connector (FC), which allows participants to utilize a special self-paced keypad polling mode.

The two basic Standalone scenarios are as follows:

  1. Give a keypad to each participant and let them go about inputting data at their own pace based on the question text on the IQ keypad display and/or a written test/survey. The group's responses would then be collected at the end of some period of time (all at once). The data gathering session is then complete and we return to wInquiry to view, display, and print the results.
  2. Send out a group of data gathers' each with one or more keypads and wait for each of them to return before collecting the data from one keypad at a time. The keypad’s data may then be “erased” and sent back out to gather more of the same question data while other keypads are still in use collecting data. This is a "public survey" application.

Using our wInquiry’s already advanced reporting features, data can be viewed, displayed, printed and exported in a variety of ways.


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